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Domestic Help in Uruguay

Domestic help is widely available, but the cost varies. Many of the ladies who work cleaning houses are lower and middle class Uruguayans. They are working to put their kids in private school. Hiring Uruguayan domestic help often requires your willingness to train them and a bit of patience. Also, cotton is nearly an unknown entity in Uruguay, so most hired help cannot iron. They say they iron, but none of them is any good at it. Even the more expensive help is only marginal when it comes to ironing.

It’s affordable on a part-time basis where the rates are usually from US$ 2 to US$ 4 per hour. On a full-time basis you're obligated to pay numerous employee benefits. A full-time maid costs about $300 a month on average. You have to pay into a social security/health insurance account for all domestic employees.

Please do be careful, though, about whom you hire and whom you trust, as domestic robberies are not that uncommon. And it is always a good idea to hire a maid from a departing expatriate family.





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